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Current partners include Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University, Tokyo Shoseki, The University of Oxford, The University of Cambridge, Harvard University and Pearson.

NetDragon has delivered its educational services to more than 1 million classrooms, 2 million teachers and 30 million students in over 100 countries worldwide. We aim to empower the global development of teaching and learning, by our innovative educational technology solutions.

NetDragon Teaching Package2019

| Covering Science and Mathematics

ND Teaching Package is delivered on Edmodo, a through-train pack for pre-lesson, during and after class.
Before class, let students prepare for lesson on Edmodo;
During class, power up the classroom by VR and AR technology, make it engaging and vibrant than ever;
After class,  assign assignment to class and grade them online, access students’ learning progress with Edmodo quizzes, keep the conversation and discussions on beyond classroom and encourage self-directed learning.
Our content specialists designed the ND Teaching Package in close alignment with Hong Kong Education Bureau’s (EDB) curriculum guide and feedbacks from senior classroom teachers. With our teaching plans, classroom activities and other teaching materials, ND Teaching Package can be used instantly in classroom.


AR version and Mobile VR version

. Available in both Traditional Chinese and English.
. All pre-lesson, in-class and post-lesson activities on Edmodo .


AR version

Experience time of each AR content:

~ 3 minutes

Mathematics Education

1 Pythagoras' Theorem

  • Pythagoras’ Theorem
  • Converse of Pythagoras’ Theorem

2 Mensuration - Volume

  • Volume – Right Prism
  • Volume – Right Circular Cylinder
  • Volume – Right Pyramid
  • Volume – Right Circular Cone
  • Volume – Sphere

3 Mensuration - Surface Area

  • Surface Area – Right Prism
  • Surface Area – Cylinder
  • Surface Area – Right Pyramid
  • Surface Area – Right Circular Cone
  • Surface Area – Sphere

4 Coordinate System

  • Translation
  • Rotation
  • Reflection

Science Education

1 Cells

  • Animal Cell
  • Plant Cell
  • Microscope

2 Sight

  • Structure of an Eye

3 Hearing

  • Structure of an Ear

4 Brain and Our Senses

  • Structure of a Brain

5 Digestion and Absorption of Food

  • Human Digestive System
  • Structure of Teeth
  • Types and Functions of Teeth

6 Force and Motion

  • Structure of a Spacecraft
  • Action and Reaction Force

7 Photosynthesis and Gas Exchange in Plants

  • Photosynthesis

8 Breathing System in Humans

  • Human Respiratory System

8 Matter as Particles

  • The Particle Theory
  • Iron Atom
  • Hydrogen Atom
  • The Particle Model of Matter

Mobile VR version

Experience time of each mobile VR content:

~ 8 minutes

Science Education

1 Hearing

  • Making Sound
  • Detecting Sound
  • Musical Instruments
  • Vibrations and Sound

2 Brain and Our Senses

  • Human Brain

3 Digestion and Absorption of Food

  • Parts of the Digestive System
  • Human Digestive System

4 Photosynthesis and Gas Exchange in Plants

  • Photosynthesis
  • Photosynthesis in Green Plants

5 Matter as Particles

  • Comparing Solid, Liquid and Gases
  • Solids
  • Liquids
  • Properties of Gases

6 From Atoms to Materials

  • The Molecules
  • The Atom


NetDragon Teaching Package –

AR version

Equipment required:

  1.  101AR mobile app
  2.  iPad, iPhone or Android phone
  3.  Internet connection
NetDragon Teaching Package –

Mobile VR version

Equipment required:

  1.  Android phone installed with NetDragon VR app
  2.  VR glasses
  3.  Bluetooth controller


  • NetDragon Teaching Package - AR

  • HKD 7,800

    • 2-year, whole-school
    • Use together with Edmodo
    • NetDragon teaching support provided
  • NetDragon Teaching Package - Mobile VR

  • HKD 9,800

    • 2-year, whole-school
    • Use together with Edmodo
    • NetDragon teaching support provided

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