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As a technological leader and top innovator with flair for creativity, NetDragon possesses an array of expertise in eLearning, online gaming, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mobile applications. With operational know-how in developing a gamified learning ecosystem and rich experience in mobile internet technologies, NetDragon has prominence as a major global player for online mobile learning.

Current partners include Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University, Tokyo Shoseki, The University of Oxford, The University of Cambridge, Harvard University and Pearson.

NetDragon has delivered its educational services to more than 1 million classrooms, 2 million teachers and 30 million students in over 100 countries worldwide. We aim to empower the global development of teaching and learning, by our innovative educational technology solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

01 What is 101VR?

101VR is a gamified VR/AR editing software that can quickly create high-quality VR/3D works. Students can learn and experience through the product and become a maker. 101VR allows teachers to use the VR teaching materials, while also helping VR resource producers to make VR works quickly.

02 Who can use 101VR?

From senior primary school to high school students, teachers and VR resource producers can use 101VR.

03 I can’t draw, can I use 101VR?

The 101VR has a huge resources library, which allows users to make VR works easily without drawing a scene or 3D model.

04 I know nothing about scripts or programming language, can I use 101VR?

The user needs no professional programming skills nor script writing skills to use 101VR, or to set the plot, object or behavior. Simply drag the command button and compose the storyline.

05 How to display VR works created by 101VR in classroom?

Viewing of VR works made possible through the following 3 modes:

  • VR mode: connect a VR-ready computer with the VR headset. After editing, the VR work can be viewed instantly on VR headset, enabling an immersive and interactive VR experience;
  • 3D mode: watch the VR work on the computer that meets the installation requirements. After editing, it can be immediately previewed on screen, enabling an interactive 3D experience;
  • Mobile mode: the VR work cannot be modified after it has gone offline. With VR glasses and mobile phone, the user can enjoy an immersive experience.

01 What are the system requirements of 101VR?

Operating system: Windows® 7 SP1 or later (must have Internet connection and complete registration to enable and update software, browse online repository and works, access cloud files)

Graphics card: recommend using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or higher

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.6GHz or higher

RAM: 8GB or more

02 Would the hardware requirements differ between viewing mode?

VR mode: requires a higher computer configuration, and its specifications vary according to the model of VR display. For more details, please visit the corresponding official site;

3D viewing mode: please refer to the previous answer;

Mobile phone mode: computer is not needed.

03 How do I view VR works created with 101VR on mobile?

VR works will be exported as VR video. It is recommended to use a smart phone with HD or high screen resolution to match VR glasses (such as Google Cardboard). The mobile screen will become a double windowed display while viewing, allowing users to enjoy the immersive experience (with no interactive features).

01 How to log-on 101VR?

101VR is currently open for school registration. Number of accounts is not limited to any registered schools.

02 How to create VR works?

After login, it is easy to create new VR work through 101VR:

  1. Select the scenario from the scene library;
  2. After entering the scene, select the object category in the repository and add objects, animals, plants, buildings or interactive buttons to the scene;
  3. Edit the action of an object or character;
  4. Click “play” to view the work

03 Does 101VR provide any training course?

101VR is a set of easy-to-learn and easy-to-use editing software. Each button in the software is attached with instructions.

We also provide training workshop (paid service) for school staff and/or students. A detailed user guidebook could be offered upon request.

04 How does 101VR create movement, behaviour or action?

Currently we supports editing with a timeline or event line:

Timeline: Set the object behavior chronological order. The editing mode is similar to common video editing software. Add a timeline to the object, drag the action button to the timeline of the corresponding object, so that you can set the behavior by objects.

Event mode: Add a simple logical trigger condition for the object behavior, that “when the condition(s) fulfilled, execute that behavior”. Common conditions include “triggered by controller”, “triggered by focusing” and so on. It can increase the interactivity of the work and make the experience more engaging.

05 Could I move freely when viewing VR works?

In the editing mode:

Up and down: W, A, S, D, or arrow keys

Rise vertically: space bar

Fall vertically: X

Changing angle: holding the mouse right click button

Zoom in and out: rolling mouse wheel

06 What is the use of the “camera”?

In editing mode, editors can move around within the scene using keyboard and mouse, but the viewer cannot move freely while viewing the work. The viewer’s view is determined by editor’s camera settings.

The camera position decides the viewer’s initial viewing position. By clicking “set the camera to the front” to set the current view as the initial position. Also, designing movements for camera could alter the view of the viewer.

07 How many editing perspectives are there?

There are 3 editing perspectives: normal, top view and bird’s-eye view.

08 What can 101VR do with 3D models?

After loading the 3D model into 101VR, users can rename the model, adjust the size, set its physical properties.

09 Can an object perform multiple actions? Can more than one object perform an action at the same time?

During editing, an object can have multiple timelines or event lines at the same time. Adding actions on each timeline or event lines allows the object to perform multiple actions. In the event editing mode, objects can have multiple event logics triggered by different conditions. In addition, you could have different objects performing different behaviours at the same time.

10 Could I use local 3D models in 101VR?

101VR has a personal library which allows user upload specified format of 3D models.

11 Could I upload local multimedia resources to 101VR?

101VR supports uploading images, audios and videos from local, but those resources need to meet the specified format, such as WAV and OGG format for audio tracks. If the computer has microphone with recording function, audio can be recorded instantly.

12 Is 3D printing available in 101VR?

3D printing is currently not available.

13 How do I save my VR works in 101VR?

VR works is saved as a project. When clicking “save”, the VR project will be automatically synchronized to the user’s personal cloud, as well as to the local designated directory. You can continue to edit or play the VR work on another computer when logging into the same account.

14 How big is a VR project?

The VR works of 101VR are stored as projects. Files stored at local and cloud would not contain scenes and 3D models, it only includes the unique code of the scene and model. When opening the project again, the software would draw resources from the cloud directly. As the result, the project would only be a few KB to a few MB large in file size, which would not take up much space of your local or cloud storage.

15 How could I share my VR works created by 101VR?

Click on the thumbnail of the work on Homepage to call out the Work Options, choose “Copy Work Sharable Link” and share this link with the others. Any 101VR users could open the link in browser, after logging-in and clicking “play the work”, 101VR will be automatically turned on.


Right-click on the thumbnail of the work on Homepage, select “Open folder” to open the local project. VR works are saved as projects at the following folder:

VR_DataStreamingAssetsUserDataCopyMapUser[username]@[school name]CopyMap[project folder]

Copy this folder to the corresponding path of another computer and open it in 101VR.

16 Does 101VR have an English version?

101VR currently supports Traditional Chinese and English. Language can be changed in 101VR Settings.

17 Which game engine was 101VR built on?

101VR is developed based on Unity 3D.

01 Why do I have to wait when viewing my VR works?

Since 101VR resources are stored in the cloud, the loading speed will be affected by the network connection speed and the image processing ability of computer.

02 Could I move freely when viewing VR works?

The editor can add actions to the camera, such as “tracking”, “switching shot”, etc, so that viewers can feel the movement while watching the scene.

03 Can I use the VR controllers when viewing VR works?

Yes, the interactive elements can be triggered by:

If you are wearing HTC VIVE to view your work

  •  Pull the trigger on HTC VIVE controller to interact with any objects in the VR work OR
  • Target the object with a HTC VIVE controller, pull the trigger or round button to trigger OR
  • Move your head and move the red dot on the object to trigger

If you are viewing your work on a computer screen

  • Press and hold the right mouse button to simulate head movement, move the red dot on the object to trigger OR;
  • Trigger by left/right click or double-click of the mouse to trigger OR;
  • Trigger by specified keys on the keyboard